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Quality Certification
ISO 9001/UNI EN ISO 9001:2015



Production lines for high moisture soft cheese (Crescenza, Feta, Caciotta and similar)


Sordi proposes specific cheese making equipment based on the best solutions for production of soft-curd cheeses with high moisture content.

The main machines for cheese making equipment composing the line are:

  • ''POLISOFT'' cheese vat
    Cheese making equipment closed type coagulation vat with semicircular transversal section, to be cleaned under CIP unit. The vat is complete with parallel movement cutting tools and longitudinal cutting tools made of stainless steel blades.

  • ''STP'' whey-curd conveying unit
    This cheese making equipment unit is composed of 2 modular tanks processing at alternate phases of vacuum and pressurized sterile air

  • ''POLIFORM'' blockmoulds filling system
    Curd-whey mix is fed by a symmetric collector into ablock mould

  • ''DRIPLINE'' drainage system with pierced drum and curd filling into moulds
    Curd-whey mix is fed onto a pierced drum for whey predrainage and then into the blockmould.

  • Salting system




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