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Our company acquired extensive expertise in the design and manufacture of electrical panels for industrial plants in compliance with the regulations in force.

PLC software development

Our PLC software is developed for the control of machines and food processing plants. We supply reliable, safe and intelligible software. All software applications are developed in full respect of the laws in force. We can boast extensive experience on families and PLC models available on the market and our research activity make us always in line with market demand.

We develop software for the control of the food processes and mainly:

  • Milk reception and storage

  • Thermal treatment (HTST, ESL, UHT) for food products

  • Yoghurt production lines (drink, set and stirred yoghurt, white and/or with fruits)

  • Cheese making (soft, hard and stretched curd cheeses)

  • Sugar dissolving lines and dosing systems for various components

  • Syrup rooms

  • Extraction lines for vegetable milk (soy, rice, oats)

  • CIP cleaning lines

  • Food processing lines generally

HMI supervision systems

In the current production systems the human-machine interaction is an essential point. Our software act as HMI (Human Machine Interface). Through the panel, the operator can control, at any time, all production phases. The complete control of the system by the operator is assured through the display of the operating parameters (closed/open valves, running/stopped motors) and the data from the field-instruments (such as temperature, pressure, flow, etc.). A series of visual or acoustic messages, control and test actions, enable the full control of the production lines.


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140 years of know-how in food processing worldwide


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